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Supporter Information: Carlisle Grounds

Athlone Town fans travelling to tomorrow’s game against Bray Wanderers at the Carlisle Grounds are advised to their get tickets online so they don’t have to queue at the ticket office. Tickets can be purchased here.

The away end is directly in front of the turnstiles. Bray Wanderers have no issues with people going over to the sheltered stand if the weather takes a turn for the worse.

There’s plenty of parking spaces on the streets around the ground. The Bray seafront also has plenty of carparking spaces and there should be no issues with finding a spot.

There’s a small shop in the ground which will have tea, sweets, koka noodles as well as a burrito bar for those looking for some hot food with chips served also. There are some restaurants located on the Bray seafront which is just a stones throw away from the stadium.

There is a no bag policy enforced at the Carlisle Grounds, anyone that brings bags with them will be asked to leave them in the shop beside the turnstiles where they can be collected after the game. Random security searches will take place upon entry to the stadium.

Should any issues arise from your experience at the game or if you have any queries on travelling arrangements, you can contact the Club Support Liaision Officer, Adam Lee via email: or on X: @ATAFCSLO

Safe travels and enjoy the game!