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Private Training


The individual attention and mentoring given to young players by a soccer professional is extremely valuable to the development and growth of an elite soccer player. Individual training allows our athletes to get the personal attention that will develop their overall skill, technical abilities and overall understanding of the game.

An Athlone Town Training Academy coach will analyze and evaluate the player’s ability and customize a training program to improve their weaknesses and further strengthen their assets. All training programs are custom developed for each individual player.

All sessions last 60 – 75 minutes and are individually tailored for each athlete.

● TECHNICAL: Dribbling, Offensive And Escapes Moves, Receiving, Passing, Shooting, Shielding, Heading, Etc.
● TACTICAL: Functional Position Training, Principles Of Attacking And Defending, Offensive Positioning, Defensive Positioning, Developing Speed Of Play, Field Vision, Anticipation And Creativity
● PHYSICAL: Agility And Explosiveness, Endurance, Speed, Balance, Strength, Coordination, Flexibility And Quickness
● PSYCHOLOGICAL: Fostering Discipline, Developing Confidence, Handling Failure, Improving Concentration, Assertiveness, And Communication, Etc


Small Group Training allows our athletes to get the individualized attention crucial to their development in a comfortable setting at a fraction of the individual training’s price. These 2-6 athlete-training sessions are geared to bring Valeo technical development to the forefront. Small group training allows the trainer to concentrate on specific needs.

All sessions last 60 – 75 minutes and are individually tailored for each athlete.

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